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Концерт Анны-Софи Муттер в Карнеги

Оригинал взят у egul в Концерт Анны-Софи Муттер в Карнеги
Ноябрь 2014
Концерт Анны-Софи Муттер
в зале Карнеги (Нью-Йорк)
At Carnegie Hall,
Anne-Sophie Mutter leads
the Mutter Virtuosi, an ensemble of young promising instrumentalists

Муттер в Карнеги
Noticed by Herbert von Karajan when she was only 13, Anne-Sophie Mutter established herself in the 1980s as an exceptional violinist and received three prestigious Grammy Awards. The German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, who performs on the world’s most prestigious stages for concerts as a soloist and as a chamber musician, enables young violinists to benefit from her experience. The Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation supports the Mutter Virtuosi, an ensemble of 14 students who toured Europe in 2011 and will perform in a concert at New York's Carnegie Hall.
The program of this concert comprises two works from the Baroque period: Bach’s Violin Concerto in D Minor and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons (without a doubt one of the most popular pieces in the repertoire). At the center of the program, they will perform composer and conductor André Previn’s Violin Concerto, presented in its US premiere.
Как вступление к концерту -- Вивальди: The Summer - 3. Presto
Йоганн-Себастьян Бах I.S.Bach Concerto for Two Violins, Strings and Basso Continuo in D Minor, BWV 1043
Андре Превен A.Previn Violin Concerto No. 2
Антонио Вивальди A.Vivaldi The Four Seasons
И всё это великолепие в записи (в т.ч. высокого качества) вот здесь:!/anne-sophie-mutter-bach-previn-vivaldi-carnegie-hall
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